Below you will find an overview of the current members of BRYC, and the board elected at the last annual meeting in 2019. BRYC was supposed to elect a new board in the spring of 2020, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak and restrictions, the BRYC Annual Meeting 2020 and the election of the new board has been postponed until further notice. The sitting board is therefore still active until a new election takes place.  

BRYC Board 2019-2020

1. August Sjøvoll  Indigenous representative Chair
2. Michael Krotov Norway Deputy Chair
3. Jolanda Magga Finland Board Member
4. Alexandra Möller Sweden Board Member
5. Daria Makhotina Russia Board Member

Youth coordinator - Norwegian Barents Secretariat: Elizaveta Vassilieva (


BRYC Annual Meeting 2019_group photo.jpg

BRYC Members 2019-2020


1. - Kainuu
2. Jolanda Magga / Leevi Alakörkkö Lapland
3. Riikka Karppinen Northern Ostrobothnia
4. Jere Juntunen / Juho Räsänen North Karelia


5. Michael Krotov Finnmark
6. Martin Gamst Johnsen Troms
7. - Nordland


8. Alexandra Möller Norrbotten
9. - Västerbotten


10. Daria Makhotina Murmansk
11. Irina Zhiganova Arkhangelsk
12. Alena Safonova Nenets AO
13. Anastasia Romanova Republic of Karelia
14. Alexander Terentiev Komi Republic


15. August Sjøvoll Nordland