Below you will find an overview of the current active members of BRYC, including the BRYC board, which was elected at the last annual meeting in November 2020. 

BRYC Board 

1. Daria Makhotina Russia Chair
2. Martin Gamst Johnsen Norway Deputy Chair
3. Jonna Kyllönen Finland Board Member
4. Karin Burman Sweden Board Member
5. Nikita Ageev Indigenous Board Member

Secretary and administrator: Päivi Kuvaja, Youth, Education and Culture Adviser, International Barents Secretariat (
Youth coordinator: Elizaveta Vassilieva, Youth Adviser at the Norwegian Barents Secretariat (


BRYC Annual Meeting 2019_group photo.jpg

BRYC Members 2020-2021


1. Jonna Kyllönen / Emma Hirsimäki  Kainuu
2. Leevi Alakörkkö / Jolanda Magga Lapland
3. Kosma Rönkä Oulu Region
4. Sara Kinnunen / Pyry Hiltunen North Karelia


5. Martin Gamst Johnsen Troms and Finnmark
6. Anette Amalie Åbodsvik Bang Nordland


7. Karin Burman / Alexandra Möller Norrbotten
8. Maria Grånemo Västerbotten


9. Daria Makhotina Murmansk
10. Maksim Marchenkov / Valeria Shamina Arkhangelsk
11. Anastasia Dmitruk / Mansur Mirzoev Nenets AO
12. Anastasia Romanova Republic of Karelia
13. Alexander Terentiev Komi Republic


14. Nikita Ageev / Tatiana Martyanova Murmansk/Karelia