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Welcome to the official website of BRYC!

Welcome to the official website of the Barents Regional Youth Council (BRYC)! Here, you will find information about youth cooperation in the Barents Region, as well as an overview of youth projects and events. Follow us and help us grow the Barents Youth family!


“Barents Youth” is a word we use to describe young people living in the Barents Region. Whether you live in Norway, Russia, Sweden or Finland, you are a “Barents youth” and you are welcome to join our community. Participate in multicultural youth projects across the Barents Region, where you can meet young people from other countries, build professional networks, learn about international cooperation and get new experiences.

5.2 million

Barents region population (2019)

1.8 million

Barents population under 30 (2019)


The Barents Regional Youth Council (BRYC) was established in 2004 and is a spokesperson for youth in the Barents Cooperation. BRYC consists of 15 youth representatives from Norway, Russia, Sweden and Finland. Our mission is to strengthen the youth cooperation in the Barents Region and empower young people to be active participants of their societies. Our main activities are the BRYC Annual Meeting and the BRYC Annual Event, but we also have other international youth projects on variuos topics.


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Barents Indigenous Youth Side Event 2023

During the Summit of Barents Euro-Arctic Indigenous Sámi People, BRYC together with Sámi Youth Idea Lab hosted a side-event to the summit. 

Questions discussed were among others:
- How can we make Barents region more liveable? 
- How is it like to be the young person and living in the remote areas of the High North? How can the young people contribute to more transparent decision making? 
- Who keeps depriving young Sámi of their land and how can young Sámi reach the European institutions that are supporting them?


Annual Event 2023 - Think Green

Welcome to the BRYC Annual Event 2023: Think Green! After years of pandemic, we are finally ready to meet with the Barents Youth family again physically! This year, the event will be held in Rovaniemi in Finland, 25th-26th February. Please read the information below for information regarding the program and registration.


BRYC Annual Report 2021

2021 was an important year for BRYC. The youth council continued to become more integrated in the overall work of the Barents Cooperation structure through various meetings and events, such as the Barents Foreign Ministers meeting, the Barents Indigenous Peoples’ Summit, the Barents Youth Summit and the Finnish Presidency Event. By the initiative of the Chairmanships (Norway and Västerbotten), a new administrative system for BRYC was put in place by the end of 2021. In addition, the International Barents Secretariat (IBS) welcomed two new advisors on youth and indigenous issues, thanks to voluntary contributions by Finland and Norway. The strengthened administrative support has since then helped improve BRYC’s work capacity and increased the number of meetings/activities.



Learn how to develop your own project ideas together with people from other countries. Our goal is to promote people-to-people cooperation between youth.




Information about exchange programmes and internship opportunities for youth in the Barents Region.


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