Are you concerned about our future? Would you like to learn more about climate activism and sustainable development of the Barents? 


You are the one we have been looking for!


We welcome all Barents youth to join us in an exciting adventure during BRYC Annual event 2023: “Think green!”
Registration link will be active until 5th of February. 



BRYC (Barents Regional Youth Council) is happy to announce the Annual event 2023: Think Green!, which will be held from 25th to 26th of February in Rovaniemi, Finland on the premises of the University of Lapland. With the support of the experienced curators from Lapland University, youth are going to explore the opportunities to be involved in climate activism and express their feelings through artistic practices. 

BRYC is partnering with the research project “On the front line of the Climate Crisis. Building youth’s climate citizenship and climate activism by art-based co-research”. According to various research reports, young people are conscious about climate change and worrying that the climate crisis will cause unfavorable consequences for the future living conditions. However, most of the youth is still confident and believes that it is possible to stop, or at least curb the climate crisis, but to do so requires immediate acts to be taken. 

Barents Region is particularly vulnerable, when it comes to drastic climate changes, which create a great challenge for decision-makers, who implement sustainable practices, and people, who live in the region and contribute to its prosperity. Indigenous peoples are the first to carry the load of responsibility for land, water and fauna, and are the first to receive the warning messages and face the consequences of the possible climate catastrophe. 

The major idea of the workshops, which were designed by the practicing researchers, is to launch a dialogical process in which young people have a chance to involve and make visible their thoughts regarding the rapid changes in their living environment. Workshops aim to encourage artistic creativity, wake up new ideas, insights, and visions to see and experience things in a new way. The working method in art workshops is based on dialogue. Young participants will work with crafts, light, dance, natural tools like snow and ice and digital tools.

BRYC will create the safe space, where youth will learn how to deliver the important messages, express their anxiety OR positive attitude through visual instruments, listen to inspirational examples and challenge professionals with witty questions. Program consists of social activities, workshops, discussions and lectures, and will be finalized by the exhibition, which will be open to the public in the University of Lapland. 

BRYC welcomes youth (aged 16-30) from across the Barents Region to join “Think Green!”. The registration will be open until 5th of February, here:

Get ready for the eventful Green weekend and see you in Rovaniemi!




24th of February - Arrival day for the participants 

26th of February - Departure day for the participants 


 Day 1

09.30 Welcome to the BRYC Annual event 2023

·       Introduction by the BRYC Board Members 

·       Why Think green?

·       Words from the experts  

10.15 Icebreaker “What does Green transition mean for you”


 10.30 Workshops

Community Art as activism eperience and expression (non-stop basis, open for everyone)

Light painting the climate crisis (non-stop basis, open for everyone)

Media art workshop (non-stop basis, open for everyone)

Dancing with Nature (registration required)

Sustainable design (registration required)


12.30-13-30 Lunch (1 hour)

13.45 Workshops 

Community Art as activism eperience and expression (non-stop basis)

Light painting the climate crisis (non-stop basis)

Media art workshop (non-stop basis)

Winter art (registration required) 

ARTivism (registration required)


15.30-16.00 Break 

17.30 Closing remarks and wrap-up of the day 1

19.00 Common dinner


Day 2 

7.00 - 9.00 Joint breakfast

9.15 “Walk through” Exhibitions of arts

10.30 Panel discussion - What have we learned?

11.30 Summary of Annual event

·       Summary and conclusions from the annual event

·       Thoughts on the future 

·       Closing of the event

12.30 -13.30 Common lunch

 13.30 Departure of the participants