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BRYC (Barents Regional Youth Council) is happy to announce the registration call for their annual youth event. The BRYC Annual Event 2019: “Switch” will be held on the 15th-18th of August (the 15th and 18th are travel days), and involve around 60 youth participants from Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway. The theme of this year’s event is “social media’s influence on our outdoor activities and recreation”.

2019 is the UN’s international year of Indigenous languages, while global warming is rapidly changing the environment and the field of technology is making steady progress. In the light of the current development, BRYC has a desire to make a youth event looking at how these changes affect us and whether we could learn something from the Indigenous philosophy of “living with the nature, and not off it”. As young people living in the Barents Region, how do we interact with nature? What influence does social media have on our outdoor activities and recreation?

"Switch" will take you deep into the forests of Vuokatti. Together, we are going to participate in workshops and outdoor activities, while making reflections about our online life and how it affects our experiences in the real world. After all, are we in it for the hikes or the "likes"?

Since 2006, BRYC has been organizing annual events for youth living in the Barents Region. The main purpose of these events is to create a platform for cross-border networking, cultural exchange and cooperation between youth. Each year, BRYC chooses a theme based on the priorities outlined in the Barents Regional Youth Programme. The country hosting BRYC’s annual event rotates each year. In 2018 the event was hald in Norway, and this year it is Finland's turn.

The program for “Switch” will include interactive workshops, lectures and social activities. It will involve topics like: social media, environment, art and outdoor activities. During this two-day event, the participants will be able to make reflections about our online life and how it affects our thinking about experiences we encounter in the real world. The lectures will be followed up with case-solving where participants will be put together in mixed groups to discuss and come up with solutions to the topics addressed in the workshops and lectures. During the event we hope that youths in the Barents will get inspired to find joy in their own “backyard”. The participants will also learn about the Kainuu Region and its history.


The event is open to youth aged between 16 and 30 living in the Barents Region (Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway).



  • The 15th and 18th of August are travel days.
  • BRYC will cover travel, accommodation and meals for the participants.
  • The event will take place Vuokatti (Kainuu Region), Finland.
  • The event program can be found on the event website (see link below)


If you want to join BRYC's annual event, please fill in the application form, which can be found on our ANNUAL EVENT WEBSITE. The deadline for registration is July 15th 2019.


If you have questions regarding the annual event, please check out our event website, contact your national BRYC coordinator, or reach out to us directly. 

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Get ready to “switch off” your phones and see you in Vuokatti! #brycannualevent2019


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