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This year's annual event revolves around the concept of "Borders". Borders both as a physical boundary, but also in a personal and mental state. A fun and eventful weekend is promised to all participants, so join the BRYC Spirit!  



BRYC's annual event 2017 will be held between 30 November and 3 December in the beautiful locality of Arvidsjaur in Norrbotten County, Sweden. Arvidsjaur is known for being a center for the European car industry, as well as a tourist destination.

The program for BRYC's annual event includes workshops, role playing, lectures and competitions. We will also visit the local army base in Arvidsjaur. During this weekend you will experience Sweden, learn more about yourself, learn more about migration and politics and get to make new friends from all across the Barents Region! Yay for friends, right?!



The event is open to youth in the Barents Region aged between 16 and 30, who are interested in meeting with youths from different parts of the Barents Region and learning more about themselves, and borders in general.



  • The annual event covers all costs involved in participating in the event.
  • The event will take place at Hotel Laponia, Arvidsjaur
  • Preliminary travel arrangements. 30 November and 3 December are both travel days.

Swedish participants: Travel by bus to Arvidsjaur.
Finnish participants: Gather in Tornio/Haparanda and travel by bus to Arvidsjaur.
Russian participants: Flights directly to Arvidsjaur or to Skellefteå and then bus to Arvidsjaur.
Norwegian participants: Gather in Bodø and travel together with a bus to Arvidsjaur on the 30 November, and return via the same route on the 3 December.



If you want to join BRYC's annual event, please fill in this short APPLICATION FORM. The deadline for registration is November 15th.



Contact your local BRYC person, or reach out to us on Facebook.

Other questions should be directed to:
Tim Andersson, BRYC Sweden: 

Link to the EVENT PAGE on Facebook.


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