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Murmansk historical reconstruction festival

Vikings in Murmansk 28-30 June

A very special event took place in the end of June in Murmansk – you could travel back in time to the middle age. II Murmansk festival of historical reconstruction made it possible to see Vikings, middle age Russian warriors, middle age Tatar warriors and event knights from middle age Switzerland at one spot. The festival reconstructed the Viking and Knight period.

This year festival has a very broad participation. There are participants not only from Murmansk and Murmansk region, but also from Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Rybinsk, Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

You could see a live-history medieval camp, tournaments and group fights, archery competitions, performances of folk groups, medieval market, and medieval workshops. The participants and visitors could try armors, see the craftsmen working, hold real swords, and try archery. During the workshops one could try various medieval crafts such as lampwork, ceramics, etc. The aim of the organizers was to recreate the atmosphere of middle ages so they used only authentic materials and production methods.

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