The project was initiated by B.R.A. – a group of boys from Alta, aged 17 to 21 years, who wanted to create a fun event for young people from Norway, Sweden and Finland, and Russia.

“But is was not about having fun only, - says Mattias Moen, the project leader -

As a result of Norwegian media coverage of bullying of Sami youth, we got the idea to create an event for youth in the northern area, managed and organized by youths.

We want to act against bullying and anti-Sami attitudes through an arrangement for youths with popular and fun activities witha focus on northern and Sami affiliation.

The goal is to create an event where youths in the northern area can gather to cultivate community, friendship, pride, solidarity and Sami culture.”


“We have learned a lot about Norway, its culture, sports during this weekend. It was greate to organise an event to together with Alta guys, to share responsibility and to discuss issues important for all youths. We also learned a lot about Sami peple and especially Sami youths in Norway  - says Olga Lopintseva, one of Russian project participants.


More information about the project: