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Town of the Sun - Town of the Masters

14-16 August role-playing festival

Town of the Sun - Town of the Masters is 13 years old role-playing festival, which usually takes place on the coast of White Sea, Murmansk region, Russia.

This year programme includes:
- Creative workshop: literature, theater, photo, ethnics, bards and dance (from folk to contemporary);
- Ecology;
- Psychology (from ethnic psychology and social psychology to psychology of personality);
- Traditions of the peoples of the world (food, clothing, customs);
- Spiritual Practices (from exercise to philosophy);
- Fairground (exhibitions, workshops);
- Sport;

More information is here: boomstarter.ru and vk.com.

If you want to participate or have any questions, you may contact: byco@mail.ru 


Language English - Engelsk


Ph: 00 47 458 85 132

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