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The Norwegian Barents Secretariat

The goal of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat is to contribute to creating a better society in Northern Norway through international cooperation with our neighboring countries in the Barents region.Projects can be collaborations between participants from Northern Norway and Sami areas of Norway, and from Northern Sweden or Finland. Collaborative pr...

The European Youth Foundation

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) is a fund established in 1972 by the Council of Europe to provide financial support for European youth activities. It has an annual budget of approximately 3 million Euros. Since 1972, more than 300 000 young people, aged between 15 and 30 and mostly from member states, have benefited directly from EYF-supported ...

The Nordic Council of Ministers

Apply for funding for Nordic projects!If you have a cultural project that needs funding, the Nordic Council of Ministers is a great place to start. The fund provides grants for cultural co-operation between Nordic countries.As a representative for an organization or institution, you can apply for funding for a project for Nordic or Baltic cultural,...
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Erasmus+ program 2021-2027

Erasmus+ is the EU's program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The 2021-2027 Erasmus+ is more inclusive, more digital, and more green. It has opportunities for all ages, and more choice for organizations. It has an estimated budget of €26.2 billion. This is nearly double the funding compared to its predecessor program (2014...

LNU – Støtteordninger

LNU, The Norwegian Children and Youth Council, is an umbrella organization for 102 Norwegian children and youth organizations. Our member organizations are democratic and voluntary, and they represent a vast diversity of activities and interests. The goal with LNU’s Støtteordninger is to offer children and youth possibilities to start their own pro...
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